When in Rome…

20130128-065117 PM.jpg
When I was asked about my plans after returning home from six months abroad I joked, “I’m moving to Italy, I’m going to find an Italian husband and I’m going to return with a last name that ends in a vowel”.
I like everyone who heard my ridiculous answer never expected that I would actually wind up living in The Eternal City. The biggest shock of all, not only to me, but anyone who knows how I feel about children is… I’m being an au-pair, but basically I’m only there to teach english, and it has some very nice perks, the family has given me my own apartment (a block from St. Peter’s), they provide my food and I also get paid and they like to go away a lot, so I get plenty of time off!! As I see it, the easiest way to live and survive in one of the most expensive cities in Europe.
I’ve been in Rome four months, and almost every day I have a moment where I stop, look around, spot something ancient and have a little realisation that I actually live in Rome, one of the most beautiful cities in the world!!


3 thoughts on “When in Rome…

  1. Great blog! I’d love to live abroad, maybe I’ll have to consider being an au-pair or teach English. Did you go through a program to find that job?

    • Thanks for your interest, I went through a small agency for Italy, I would definitely recommend English teaching though. It’s so easy for a native speaker to get work and the pay is good 🙂

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