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Why Rome or why Italy at all, I actually have no idea. I have no Italian influence in my life whatsoever (the Australian take on Italian food does not count) and definitely no use for the Italian language, so how I set my heart on moving to Italy is beyond me.
My first experience in this country was far from pleasant. It involved a night in Termini station, being told by numerous police it was unsafe for me to be there, locked on the platform, sleeping amongst the homeless and being two euro short for my train ticket out of there. It was however followed by a week in a castle.
My second visit began in much the same way, I had minus $1.70 to my name and no accommodation, lucky for me my mother showed up. Maybe visiting Rome and experiencing its ancient ruins and unbelievable sites whilst having someone else pay the overpriced entrance fee’s was why I decided to make this amazing place my new home!
How it came about was due to pure boredom, being a budget traveller and not wanting to leave 50 cents unused at an Internet cafe. A simple ‘jobs in Rome’ search, a quick profile set up and within a week I had an Italian family. Originally I was offered to live in a castle just outside Venice, but that required getting up at 7am everyday, so I took the Roman family instead, and I am so thankful I did!


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