Parco Caffarella.

20130205-080655 PM.jpg
After a very wet and cold Saturday, Sunday saw unexpected sun in Rome! So a walk was a must and once again this city as it always does surprised me.
I put my gumboots on and took the metro no more than 4 stops from the main train station. It was here that I was presented with ‘Parco Caffarella’ a huge park, where sheep and dogs roam free.
Perched on a seat eating our torta, to the left we could see sheep with their lambs, to the right, Italian men making the most of a homemade gym complete with what I imagine to be discarded exercise equipment and weights made from building materials.
Once we ventured in, climbing hills, dodging puddles and sheep and following barely visible paths, it was unbelievable how huge and quiet this park was even with the groups of people utilising it. We made our way around, spotting remains of ancient water works, and a somewhat hidden church. Looking down on the city and out to the mountains, it was hard to believe I was still in central Rome.
This is definitely one of our best finds yet, and will most certainly be visited regularly, especially once the weather warms up!


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