Fiesta de San Fermin

20130209-110306 PM.jpg
San Fermin, or running of the bulls in Pamplona seems like forever ago, but it was the first major event in my 2012 or Europe round two travels. An experience to say the least!
I believe I am far from your standard patriotic Australian, so how I decided to be part of Fanatics, an Australian based, Australian fuelled group for Running of the bulls, I’m not entirely sure. However, the good thing about Fanatics- they prepared us, so we knew that at the opening ceremony we would be covered in sangria/wine/any other liquid available, and we knew we would be pushed and shoved and stepped on and unable to touch the ground at times due to masses of people.
I didn’t have any expectations for the festival but waking up with sangria stained skin, walking the streets amongst a wave of white and red clothing and watching the thousands of people scramble around the bull ring as a lone bull jolted after them is truly unexplainable.
Watching a bull fight in person was another strange experience, not only due to how hard it was for me to understand that it still remains part of Spanish culture and to see the great passion they hold for this tradition but sitting in the ‘sole’ area. Where getting fruit, prawn heads, spaghetti and even creamed rice thrown at you is standard.
The whole event was unbelievable, its something that can not be described, it must be experienced first hand and I’m so glad I did, even if it did involve a lot of Australians and getting creamed rice in my hair.


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