San Candido.

20130224-094158 PM.jpg
A month ago the family asked if I would like to join on their holiday in the Italian alps, having decided to embrace the European winter I immediately said yes.
As soon as I got home and realised I don’t own warm clothes, I don’t know how to ski and i didn’t really like the cold I started to doubt my decision, but by the time I saw the family again it was too late to back out, my room was booked.
So the time came and we set off north, and with my Hunter gumboots as my only form of footwear it was pretty obvious snow was not my thing. When we reached our destination of San Candido, basically on the Austrian border I was actually speechless, it was unbelievable, the beauty, the calmness the stark white mountains, with the UNESCO listed Dolomites in the distance, it was like looking at the perfect postcard.
I knew I would regret or never live down not trying to ski so they booked me a lesson and I hit the beginners slope, and in the end as shocked as I was, I enjoyed it, and didn’t get shown up by too many of the four years olds that accompanied me.
I spent just over a week in this stilled little market town and could of stayed a lot longer, although there isn’t much to do and they relish in their afternoon siesta and all closes between 12 and 4. I walked around, amazed that I was actually outside when the ground was snow covered and I knew the temperature was below zero, sat and looked at what for me was foreign scenery.
The trip home was just as breathtaking, driving through the mountains, a severe snow storm and seeing parts of Italy I would never of caught a glimpse of on my own. This trip is certainly one that has shown me winter isn’t to be avoided and can even on occasions trump the summer sun.


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