Aventine Hill

20130305-105145 PM.jpg
The weather has taken a huge turn for the better here in Rome, which means, spring is here and I have officially survived my first European winter. I did get off lightly seeing it out here, it didn’t actually get cold, and was much the same, if not even warmer than back home.
Sunday was a pleasant 16 degrees and very sunny, so was spent wandering. We ventured up Aventine hill, to look through a keyhole. Yes a keyhole! One that just so happens to give you a perfectly framed view of St. Peter’s.
I must admit, I had spent the entire time, up until the day prior thinking the keyhole was just an expression. That it was a hole cut from a hedge, with the sole purpose of framing St. Peter’s, as it does so perfectly. So I could hardly contain my excitement when I found out, I actually got to look through a key hole, one actually used for a key!
We were also pleasantly surprised to find that the hill had more to offer, apart from another spectacular view of rome, it has two gardens full of orange trees. Two churches which is standard around here, a hidden rose garden that we didn’t actually find and also lots of thriving grass, certainly something you don’t see too much of in Rome.
The perfect spot to catch the spring sun, and I will certainly be returning to look through the keyhole. Although I still don’t understand how someone discovered this keyhole view, its certainly unlike anything I’ve seen yet, another hidden treasure in Rome.


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