The Capuchin Monk Crypt.

Get this right, there’s almost 4000 bodies buried beneath, and the church it has to go, but the soil has come all  the way from Jerusalem and these are just not every day people these are the bones of the Capuchin Friars, so, what do you do? Dig them up, move them to higher ground and… arrange them on walls as creepy creepy artwork.

Here we have it, The Capuchin monk crypt, up there with the creepiest, most unnerving places I’ve ever visited. Beneath the church of ‘Santa Maria della Concezione’, just steps away from Piazza Barbarini lay the six crypts, individually divided by bone of choice, we have the Skull crypt, closely followed by the pelvis crypt. The walls adorned with intricate mosaic like patterns made entirely of bones. Continue on and what you find is, possible the creepiest off all. Full bodies, dried out and hung up, still in the traditional brown Robes, throw in a skeleton of a baby on the roof and if you aren’t feeling them eerie feels enough a sign that reads-

“What you are now we used to be; what we are now you will be”

Just there to remind us that earthy life isn’t permanent, and you know that one day you too could have your finger bones turned into a clock.

The Capuchin Friars, said to be the friars of the people, used their brown hood or capuce to protect themselves from bad weather and this is where their name stems from- but what about this for a fun fact- The capuce itself gave way to the good old cappuccino, it’s said that the brown colour resembles the colour of the coffee once the foamed milk is added. So there it is- creepy bones and cappuccino’s, what guys.


Via Veneto 27, Rome- €8, includes museum- learn more about the guys here



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