I love Papa Frankie.

20130322-084111 PM.jpg
I officially have an unhealthy obsession with the new Pope. Papa Francesco has definitely won me over, and that was before he told 100 thousand people to ‘have a good lunch’ at his first Sunday blessing.
This obsession began the minute I heard he wasn’t even seen as a contender for the top job, everyone loves an underdog right?
It has continued to grow the more I hear. From the initial getting on the bus with the other Cardinals instead of in his Papal limo. Going to the hotel to pay for his stay. Insisting he didn’t need all the space in his new apartment, and going to visit his friend in hospital the day after he was elected.
He is the first Pontiff from the Southern hemisphere and continues to ignore the lavishes of being head of the Catholic church, still not wearing the gold trimmings and refusing to use the popemobile.
Today he was spotted sitting at the back of a church in the Vatican as the daily mass went on, just sitting amongst everyone else. He even called up his local paper stand in Buenos Aires to tell them he wouldn’t need his papers delivered anymore.
His approach of ‘a poor church for the poor’ seems to be working for him, he is yet to receive criticism or have negative followers, he has even announced he will take the pre-Easter feet washing mass from the Vatican to a local Youth detention centre.
Stated as one of the most humble Pope’s, he is already a big hit with the Romans and they seem as excited about Papa Frankie as I do, and yes I feel my obsession allows me to nickname him freely.


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