A Prague Christmas.

20130328-074618 PM.jpg
Spending twelve plus months in Europe meant I had my first Christmas away from home, and my first during winter.
Together with a friend who was in the same situation as I, we started researching. Checking and rechecking weather forecasts, comparing weather patterns and past Christmas weather in various countries. All in the hope of having our very first white Christmas.
We narrowed it down to two cities- Prague and Berlin. A week later there was heavy snow in the Czech Republic so we were sold, and our tickets booked.
Our flight landed, on a snow covered tarmac, with two ridiculously excited Australians on board. Unfortunately for us, since snowing the temperature had risen ten degrees and would remain that high for the Christmas period.
After the initial sulking was over, we decided experiencing a cold European Christmas would be enough. Thinking Christmas markets, mulled wine and all things Czech we layered up and braved the cold.
To be honest the Christmas markets although supposedly one of the best in Europe, were disappointing and we didn’t even pretend to like mulled wine, but Prague is a beautiful city, one I have been to several times, and it was even more beautiful covered in Christmas spirit.
The best decision we did make was staying at The Mad House hostel, they provided us with two Christmas dinners, and for the first time in years I wasn’t too hungover to enjoy it. We partook in a gift exchange, and although all strangers, spent a family-like Christmas together.
I’m happy that I can tick European Christmas off my list, but I still feel like I’ve missed an entire festive season. Perhaps that has something to do with having McDonald’s for Christmas lunch, no pavlova for dessert, and missing the annual backyard cricket match. That said, I’m glad I spent it in a city as wonderful as prague.
And incase you were wondering, our other option, Berlin was covered in snow.


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