Ostia Antica.

20130416-091830 PM.jpg
I’m into my last weeks here in Rome and I’m trying to fit in as much as possible before I leave. Something that I have been told I should do since arriving was visit Ostia Antica.
This is the remains of the ancient Roman harbour town, around 30 minutes out of central Rome and is known for being the most well preserved ruins around here.
These ruins are unlike any other as you can still see the town that was. The market place, the apartments with two or even three floors and the temples and shrines still remain standing. The site itself is huge, and you could wander around for hours and still not see everything.
Ostia is Latin for mouth, named due to its original position at the mouth of the river, although it now sits three kilometres inland from the sea, which you can walk all the way to if you wish. We spent a good two hours walking around, getting lost and confusing ourselves as to what we had and had not seen and that was enough for us, we did not make it to the seaside!
Walking along a road that was created in 400BC, and being able to stand in the middle of an ancient amphitheatre while viewing mosaics and frescos that still look flawless is pretty remarkable. For me It’s uniqueness has been a little overshadowed by the fact I have been here too long, in a city full of ancient ruins, where occasionally I’m even sat next to a really old column while I eat my pizza. It’s still a great little day trip out if Rome, and a very interesting one at that.


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