Porta Portese.

20130419-042153 PM.jpg
Rome’s biggest flea market, a place where you can find anything.
In a city where sellers on the street have umbrellas ready before you can even spot the rain clouds, I was intrigued to see what the biggest market had to offer.
I had been given one piece of advice, make sure you go all the way to the end, and for that I was thankful. Had I of gone without, I would of turned around and headed home after the first 15 Italians screamed, “prego bella” at me.
The market stretches for a few kilometres and definitely needs a good two hours to walk through, and that’s without rummaging properly. Once you make it through the knock off handbags, cheap sunglasses, clearly warn shoes and typical roman street market stalls, you make it to the bit I enjoyed most.
The stalls, with piles of clothing where you must fight to find something worth purchasing, for me, it was easy to tell what ones were worth it, the ones where you also had to fight for a spot around the table.
I managed to find myself a dress and some shoes, not pre-worn, but I definitely lacked the determination of those surrounding me.
I would hate to see this market in the height of the tourist season, and I guarantee you would be missing some valuables by the time you left, but I enjoyed seeing the Romans searching for a bargain and fighting to try a free pancake.


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    Italy has always fascinated me and this interesting prospect of an italian flea market just pushes me further towards going visiting. This is a ver well written post. ­čÖé

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