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Even after multiple warnings about Naples being dirty, dangerous and unwelcoming, I wasn’t prepared for what awaited.
Arriving from Rome, the rubbish and filth was a shock. I was told you have to look beyond the dirt, to appreciate the city but we didn’t spend enough time there to do so, perhaps there is an amazing city hidden in the narrow winding streets.
What Naples does have, is unbelievable pizza. As to be expected from the birthplace of such.
I, being totally obsessed with finding the best pizza, did some research, which led me to, Pizzeria Da Michele. This pizzeria, not only had remarkable pizza, but is also another experience that adds to its deliciousness. You turn up, take your ticket and wait to hear your number called. Once inside, there are no menus, only two pizzas to choose from marinara or margherita no wine only beer, water or soft drink. We got one of each large wood fire pizzas and beer, a 14 euro bargain!
After six months of searching for the best Roman style pizza this has added a whole other level to my search and the trip to Naples worth it.


2 thoughts on “Naples.

  1. Hey Hannah – loving your blog and following your adventures but would love to read more details eg. How/what was the train to Naples? what character or vibe? – what was on the pizza? etc.

    But loving the blog and reading about your Italian adventure – very jealous!

    • Glad your enjoying it, this was a rushed post to feed my blog addiction, the train from rome is easy and quick enough. The vibe, hold onto your belongings… Tightly! The pizza, simple- one just tomato, garlic, basil. And then with tomato mozzarella, the first was better. It’s good to be travelling again though.

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