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I have been centred in Rome for so long, I had forgotten that Italy lies on the Mediterranean, and hadn’t even given a thought to the Amalfi coast, but this was the first point of call on this years European adventure.
Basing ourselves in Sorrento, which is technically not the Amalfi coast, but a stunning place all the same.
Sorrento is the home of Italy’s famous lemoncello, and once we saw the lemons we knew it, they are huge, I’m talking basketball size huge, yes its hard to imagine, but i did some searching and they grow so big due to ash in the soil, created by the same Mt Vesuvius explosion that covered Pompeii.
Sorrento itself is full of tourists and huge tour groups, all weaving between the touristic shops that sell identical lemon related items. I was lucky enough, to score us a last minute deal and we ended up with an apartment in a remarkable 16th century villa. On top of a hill, complete with a typical Sorrentine garden, an abundance of fruit trees and a fantastic view, it was the dream place.
Eating was pretty bland, as to be expected in any tourist fuelled area, until we found Taverna Vecchio on our last night, where I finally got to try the local speciality, gnocchi alla sorrentina a delicious baked tomato gnocchi.
Although based in Sorrento we didn’t spend much time exploring, we did take part in a gelato making class at the famous Davide gelateria. Gelato is complicated, and I’ll probably never attempt to make it, but I was ecstatic to be the one to help scrape our lemon gelato out of the machine, and like all gelato it tasted delicious.
Sorrento was chosen as our destination due to its proximity and convenience, it is beautiful and we really enjoyed it. If our trip had have been longer, I think moving along the Amalfi coast would of been ideal.


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