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Our first day trip from Sorrento took us to the Isle of Capri.
This lavish yet picturesque island is said to be a holiday spot for the rich and famous, although it’s also said that today it may just be home to the celebrity price tags.
From the Marina we got the bus to the town centre for an overpriced pizza. Then I led the way, first passing through the beautiful Gardens of Augustus before heading down a very steep, zigzagging path that provided us with some stunning views along the way. My mother and brother were not so impressed when I realised, my path had taken us to the Marina Piccola on the other side of the Island. With the option to hike back up or take two very packed buses as a consequence. I refused to get in a 20 euro taxi, and forced them onto the bus.
Once we made it back to the Marina Grande, we boarded a boat and made our way to the famous Grotta Azzura.
The blue grotto, is a cave that receives light from only a small opening, majority of which is underwater, resulting in the cave being filled with an amazing blue light. To get inside the cave is as much of an attraction as the grotto alone. From the big boat, you must step off the edge into a small row boat, you are then instructed to lay down, while the man in control pulls you through the small opening. Once inside, he serenades you with italian song whilst you admire your surroundings, before returning you to the big boat and hoisting you safely back inside.
One overpriced drink on the pier and we were back on the 40 minute ferry back to Sorrento, where much to our relief they have an elevator from the Marina to the town above.


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