The Amalfi Coast.

20130612-112951 AM.jpg
I knew little about this part of Italy before I arrived, but what I had been told was, you would be crazy to drive the winding road along the coast and the bus was just as nerve wracking.
The Amafi coast, a UNESCO world heritage site, stretches 40 kilometres from the towns of Positano to Vietre Sul Mar and has the most stunning coastline I have seen thus far.
We took the long bus trip along the coast two seperate times, each equally as scary. The first took us to the coast’s first town, Positano and the second, Amalfi.
Positano was my favoured, this quant town, divided on two hills, provided some spectacular views, a pleasant hike and a few winding streets, we didn’t spend too long here. A walk down the towns main street lined with ceramic and linen stores and a quick lunch stop. The hike back up the other side, a few stops to admire the view, and the bus back.
Amalfi gave us a fascinating church and a wide white washed hilly town with a few pastel coloured houses. As was the case with Positano, a few hours is all we spent here, wandering in the sun and admiring the small commune, before we were back on the bus, watching buses squeeze past one another.
These little towns may not have a great deal to offer except beauty and views. But it is certainly the bus ride that makes the trip, the view from the window is outstanding. Hanging over the edge of a cliff-face peering out into the Mediterranean I have never taken so many window shots in my life.


3 thoughts on “The Amalfi Coast.

  1. Oh Hannah you forgot to mention that the crowded bus to Amalfi also contained a German family of four and their THREE dogs!!!!!

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