20130621-094413 AM.jpg
A long way to travel from Sorrento but my Uncle was there and with free accommodation we could hardly refuse.
Another city I hadn’t given a thought, Trieste, lies on the Adriatic Sea, all the way of the Slovenian border.
Although Trieste has an unbelievable history, being a cross over point of many cultures, and one of the most important Italian ports. Sight seeing wasn’t too high on our agenda, we did visit the castle, but we also spent the remainder of the day, drinking wine in the sun.
Having the option to visit another country for a measly two euro, it had to be done. We departed sunny and warm Trieste, to pass straight through our original destination, so small we didn’t realise it was there, and continue onto Koper. Walking towards the town centre it began to rain. We made it into a shopping centre before it started pouring, we waited, when it didn’t ease, we purchased an umbrella each and made our way back to the bus station. On arrival we got a taxi back to sunny Trieste. We literally went to Slovenia to buy an umbrella. It counts right?
One more rest day before it was back to Rome for me.


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