My Top Roman Treats.

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It has been six weeks since I left my Roman home, and I’m definitely starting to miss it. When I meet a fellow traveller who is going to visit Rome, I immediately start listing my favourite things.
It has also come to my attention that the majority of these favourite things come in the form of food. It’s now no surprise where the extra ten kilograms came from.
So here they are, my favourite italian feasts.
A breakfast Cornetto chocolato, I was fortunate enough to stumble across Dolce Maniera, a tiny doorway that led down some rather steep stairs to a buffet of pastries. Where a cornetto, the Italian version of a croissant, but better, will set you back 30 cents. Luckily I only discovered it in my last two months, or that extra 10 kilos would of certainly increased.
-Pizza bianca con prosciutto cotto for lunch.
A fancy ham sandwich, but honestly pizza bianca is the most underrated thing in the non-italian world. Head on into a delicatessen, show them how much pizza you want and watch them fill it with freshly sliced prosciutto, and then be astonished by the three euro price tag.
Pastifico for a more substantial lunch.
This is the kind of place pasta lovers dream of. Located right by the Spanish steps, join the huge lunch-time queue to take your pick from two different pasta dishes. They change everyday, eat in and get a free glass of wine with your four euro plate, or takeaway and head over to the Spanish steps, this is definitely some of the best pasta I have eaten.
– Pizza is a must, my chosen one, vedura, basically a vegetarian one. Always presented with the perfect array of fresh vegetables, my favourite restaurant is Luzzi hidden behind the colosseum, the kind of place that has their menu in plastic sleeves and no visible name, six euro meals that are unbelievable. I took everyone who visited here, and they were left talking about Hannah’s favourite italian restaurant. But for another superb pizzeria, try Da Remo, certainly the best Pizza,it’s known as one of the best in Rome, but too hectic to be a regular of mine, it is also cheap, as good pizza should be.
-My real problem was when it came to dessert. I’m a huge tiramisu lover, I enjoyed it pretty much everywhere, but Pompi, conveniently located in several locations around the city does the job for me. It is also stated to be the best in Rome, I’m not sure if that reigns true, I have enjoyed some very different homemade ones. But it certainly does fill the spot.
And of course, there was my main addiction and something that can never be replaced as my number one favourite thing in life, Gelato. The best gelato debate caused many arguments between my friends, but I stand with my choice. Old Bridge, just by the Vatican, dangerously close to my house can not be beaten. €1.50 for a huge tub or cone of three flavours, the guys working there are hilarious, and the flavours are always creamy and mouth-watering. This is not the place if you want strange flavours, but I’m more than happy to indulge in the standard cookies and banana.
During my time in Rome, I did have several moments where I dreaded the thought of a plate of pasta or a slice of pizza, at one point i even paid 17 euro for a very average burrito. But six weeks on I would happily pay a lot more than two Euro for my morning cornetto and cappuccino.


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