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Paris was the first European city I ever visited, as an 11 year-old I don’t have fond memories of this city, a cloud covered Eiffel tower, snails and frog legs. Dirty streets, not being able to get jam on my croissant and suffering from jet lag.
Between my first visit and my latest I have returned twice, both times I had been in good company and enjoyed myself, but still didn’t find that love for this city that so many people talk about, and had decided Paris just was not for me.
So how did a forth visit come about?
After I had planned three weeks in Italy for a friend and I, there was enough time for one more stop before London. This decision was left up to him, Paris was it. We only had two nights, so one huge sightseeing day.
We stayed in a horrible hotel, that involved no cold water, which meant no flushing toilets and scolding showers. However, it was in a good location.
This location may of been what changed my opinion on Paris.
We began our day with a free walking tour, our guide was fantastic and really shared his passion for the city. He gave us multiple random and interesting facts about his current home, relaying stories we would have never heard, had we not of encountered him. We then spent the next ten hours walking. The Louvre, Champs Elysées, climbing the Eiffel Tower, we did it all.
Seeing the pristine perfectly aligned streets was such a contrast from my memories from all those years ago, I now have a new appreciation for Paris. I think staying closer into the centre, and avoiding the not so nice areas of Paris along with the fantastic weather is what did it for me, I still won’t be adding it as my top spot but I won’t be ruling out a fifth visit either.


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