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We headed to Brussels for the sole purpose of attending a music festival in Belgium a few days later. We got a cheap bus from London and made our way through the Channel tunnel.
I have spent some time in Brussels before and don’t recall anything special. Yes it has some amazing beer, copious amounts of chocolate and outstanding fries. I just remember finding it a little lifeless.
This time was a total turn around. We spent our days walking, we had a map which laid out three different walking routes, all created by locals. We followed these and got to see some parts of Brussels that may have been neglected otherwise. From a petting zoo in the business district to the contrast between the different areas. The Jewish quarter and unexpectedly ending up in the red light district, facing girls in windows. This map also provided us with all the information we needed to really get an insight into Brussels beyond the boring facade, the most spectacular, Parc du Cinquantenaire, this huge park homes several museums, there we even got to watch the filming of Belgium’s version of Master Chef.
Of course we payed a visit to the cafe that is home to Brussels’ best waffle and Delirium, the bar that homes around 3500 beers, and we certainly tried our best to taste the best, of what I believed a once bland city had to offer. The only thing we didn’t do, that I did last time was, pay a visit to the Royal Palace, the one thing I remember enjoying the most my first time around.


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