Rock Werchter.

20130822-061956 PM.jpg
I’ve had dreams of Glastonbury since I can remember,I missed it the first time I was here. It wasn’t on due to the Olympics last year, and I missed registering for tickets by a few days for this years. But I was on a mission, and I was determined to attend my first European music festival.
Rock Werchter was it, tickets and tent were purchased. After taking a train in the wrong direction we finally made it to the town of Werchter. Straight away, we were blown away by the organisation, with only Australian festivals to compare it to, we were impressed already.
We found our spot and set up camp, or our poor excuse of a camp. We easily had the worst tent around, the kind that’s too cold to sleep at night, too hot once the sun comes up.
We had pretty much decided on Rock Werchter before looking into the line-up properly. So I was ecstatic to see two of my favourites, Two Door Cinema Club and Pheonix. It also had a few more of my loves, Kings Of Leon, Major Lazor, Vampire Weekend and it’s always good to see an Australian act in Tame Impala. It also gave me an introduction into a few new obsessions, the Belgian get up, Goose, Jake Bugg and Modestep. Although not at the top of my most cherished artists, The Script were the stand our for us, they seemed to have an enormous sense of appreciation and just seemed to be totally overwhelmed by the size of the crowd, something that was phenomenal to see. We also enjoyed Green Day, possibly just because it reminded us of being 13.
When we arrived we definitely weren’t prepared for a four day festival, let alone four days camping but leaving we were so glad we had been, I’m not even sure it would matter who was playing, the experience of one of Europe’s biggest festivals was well worth it.


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