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After a nights recovery in Brussels we made it to the picturesque and quiet town of Bruge.
The town is beautiful and everything we expected, although neither of us have seen the film ‘In Bruge’ as everyone asked, so we didn’t really have any comparisons to make.
We arrived on a perfect summer day, walking through the abundance of greenery, we instantly knew this would be a city we loved. One that is equally beautiful by night.
Although more expensive than Brussels we found some good food and sampled some more amazing Belgian beers. Wandering the city, through the parks and local produce markets we just couldn’t believe how beautiful and serene this town was, we were in awe, of the quiet streets, and simple houses.
A walk along the river through what resembled dense forestry and a visit to the beer wall, where you can not only see a wall containing different beers, but also enjoy one alongside the canal.
So, it was our final night in Bruge. My friend and I decided one last beer was in order before we left Belgium, it just so happened to be 2012’s best beer in the world. This last beer, as it so often seems to do with us, ended in far too many. We were lucky to find an excellent local bar, where the bartender was great, and had an unbelievable knowledge of beer. We never expected this quant, beautiful town to be such fun. I had heard mixed things about Bruge, everyone agreed it was beautiful, but many suggested a day trip. It certainly got our approval, on all accounts. Somewhere to spend at least a few days.


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