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I have visited Amsterdam before, as a solo traveller the city was a little overwhelming. I did do the walking tour, and I did really enjoy it, but I just don’t feel I explored it as I should have.
This time we were lucky to have a friend of a friend, who lived in Amsterdam, and was at hand to give us some local tips.
Amsterdam is a killer for any traveller, more so if your me, and haven’t worked a real job in over a year, and haven’t stuck to your budget at all. So we really tried to get our money’s worth, booked a hostel in an amazing spot right next to Leidseplein and set out to see all we could in this beautiful city.
Our first day we witnessed a young man get brutally run over by a cyclist and decided it was in our best interest to stay with both feet firmly placed on the ground. There would be no bicycle hire for us. So we set off, we did a city walking tour, which was great, I have done the same one before, but it was from a totally different perspective, and with a different insight.
We also did the red light district walking tour, which was pretty much, a waste of time. All information we heard was a repeat from our day time walk, and this one was a paid tour instead if tip based which was not ideal.
So we were left to our own accord, with a long list of things from our new Dutch friend. First on our list, Vondelpark, dodging cyclists, circling fountains, and acres of beautiful green grass. We spent a few hours wandering. Absorbing the craziness, and enjoying the beautiful scenery in the sunshine.
Next stop, museumplein another vast open space just on the outer of Amsterdam. Also one that is taken over by the huge IAmsterdam sign, and hundreds of tourists trying to climb on it.
Our last morning was spent vintage shopping, we had been told of a few streets to see, and we had heard it was fabulous, we visited a few stores and were taken back by the huge array of clothing. The problem, the weather was just too nice to spend inside, so another stroll along the canals and a lot of cheese sampling was the better alternative. I have always liked Amsterdam but knew I hadn’t seen enough, I’m glad I made it back, to experience the inside tips, beautiful weather and copious amounts of free cheese.


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