20130914-014731 AM.jpg
What a shock arriving from Amsterdam, I was aware that Rotterdam was completely destroyed during the war, and that it was a very modern city, but I was not expecting what I got.
Huge modern skyscrapers and bridges that didn’t quite fit in my picture of a Dutch city, but also a lot of park land which we certainly made the most of.
Here, we worked up the courage to brave the bicycle, and it allowed us to reach an amazing lake. Around 20 minutes ride from the centre is a huge
Lake area, with an abundance of greenery, a path that looped around it, and a lone windmill.
We spent an afternoon amongst families really enjoying what they had, and making the most of this beautiful widespread park.
We spent the rest of our time in this city, resting. Napping in parks and basking in the sun beside the water of one of Europe’s biggest ports.
We chose to go to Rotterdam because we couldn’t make a decision as to where to go next. So it was really unexpected that, a place we used to escape making a decision would be such a good choice. We really enjoyed the peace and quiet of Rotterdam, especially after a few very full on days in Amsterdam. It’s such a quiet and modern but beautiful city, full of amazing parks.


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