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Scandinavia was at the top of my list for this summers adventures, but the finances were just not up to par. So we settled on the Baltic’s, with Estonia as our starting point.
Arriving unsure of what to expect, the small town centre where everyone working was in traditional dress was a great welcome.
We heard about an old prison and headed there straight away. This prison was closed in 2002 and it’s literally like they just left it as it was, and now let people walk through it. No electricity, clothes and pyjamas, mattresses and blankets, everything is still there even the medical equipment and what we referred to as the hanging pit. Prisoners names and messages scratched into the walls, a very eerie experience.
An afternoon in a spa complex was next on the agenda, because it’s what you have to do in Estonia, right?
A walk up the church’s bell tower, which literally left us standing on a plank of wood, fenced off, far too high up to feel comfortable and a walk down to a giant concrete structure that was once an open air theatre by the water. We did a free waking tour, which gave us an idea of this countries intense history and also added some fantastic views.
A night of great trivia at our hostel and it was time to bid this amazing city farewell, the perfect start to our Baltic adventure.


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