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Next on our Baltic’s adventure, the capital of Latvia, Riga.
One luxurious bus ride, an afternoon exploring and an evening indulging in the local nightlife. Then we struck an Eastern European problem… Sunday, where anything you wish to do, will be closed, and you will spend the entire day either in bed or walking in circles through the tiny old town, so another night was booked.
Therefore our final day, turned into our sightseeing day. A walking tour in gale force winds with a Baltic chill, took us out of the old town and through the fresh food markets, and to the local black market, the perfect place if your looking for any appliance plugs, or old Soviet passports. We passed what the locals refer to as ‘Stalin’s birthday cake,’ a huge building that still portrays several hammers and sickles but is now The Academy of Sciences, before passing the old Jewish ghetto and the monument that now stands within it. Although not one of the best walking tours I’ve been on, with a guide, who just “couldn’t stand slow walkers”, and was a steady 15 paces ahead at all times, but it was good to venture away from circling the old town and see a bit more of the city.
We finished our day at the occupation museum, where we got an even deeper insight into the Nazi and Soviet occupation this country has endured.
Another great city, I’m thrilled to of been able to visit.


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