20131004-084310 PM.jpg
Lithuania, most definitely my favoured of our three visited Baltic countries.
The wide town square and beautiful buildings left us with a lot to explore.
We partook in quite the adventurous walking tour, with a lovely lady from Vilnius. It look us through some bush land, before we climbed on top a very precarious looking cement structure, all in the name of a good view.
Along the river and then we reached the unusual part of this city, it has another, smaller independent country in the middle of it. Uzupis, which literally translates to ‘other side of the river’ in Lithuanian, declared independence in 1997. Full of artistic installations, and complete with its own border crossing passport stamp, having no idea this place existed it was surreal to come across it.
We payed a visit to The Museum of Genocide Victims, located in the former KGB headquarters, where you can visit the prison that still remains downstairs, another museum dedicated to the suffering of many years of occupation these Baltic countries endured.
One more day passing through the many squares of Vilnius and enjoying its peacefulness, and just like that it was over, three Baltic countries visited.
Three countries that were fantastic, and unbelievably eye opening, it was good to gain a deeper understanding of what actually happened in the years of Nazi and Soviet occupation. Very different countries to those I have previously visited. That said, it was definitely time to move to warmer climes.


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