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I feel like I constantly say this, about most places I visit, but Krakow is actually a strong contender for my favourite European city.
This was my second visit to the city, the first being in the midst of winter and I could barely contain my excitement, especially after spending 2 days in (solely my opinion) bland Warsaw.
What was planned as a 3 night visit, quickly turned into a week as we looked at our sight seeing options.
I had made the horrific trip to Auschwitz-Birkenau last time, and that is certainly something I personally didn’t want to see again, especially within the year.
So I opted for something a little different, the Wieliczka salt mines. An unbelievable site, salt sculptures, an entire cathedral crafted from salt, all metres below the ground.
We spent a fantastic day by a huge lake, not too far out of the city centre, where thousands of people enjoyed the sun, barbecued and even participated in some lake wake boarding.
Sticking with our standard, we did two walking tours, which just happened to be with the same lady. Not overly exciting but informative all the same, before a visit to Schindler’s factory, now converted into a fantastic museum on World War Two.
Of course we spent the majority of our time indulging in Polish food. We were lucky with our hostel choice, not only was it in the centre of the old town, but it also provided us with amazing polish dinners, absolutely free and straight from the restaurants kitchen.
On the bus ride to Krakow my friend asked why I favoured this city, I couldn’t give her an answer, I just do. It only took two days, before she too saw why this city is at the top of my list.


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