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Another of my favourites, during my time in Europe I have spent a total of two months wandering the streets of the Hungarian capital. I worked in a hostel, spent my night in ruin bars and days lazing around.
Of course I did see the city of Budapest and learn about its history before I settled into the nightlife. I also had the chance to do it all over again this summer.
This trip just happened to coincide with one of Europe’s biggest music festivals Sziget. I’m not sure if my description can do this festival justice, but I’ll certainly try.
So,Sziget is a seven day festival that takes place on an Island in Budapest, well it doesn’t just take place, the entire island is transformed, into another world. You literally walk out of a city and into the most amazing scene.
We secured tickets for one day, and set out into the 40 degree dust. I had little interest in looking at the line up before arriving, but still managed to see some great acts. That’s not what makes it though, it’s the feel of the city you become part of, along with around 50 thousand others. One with its own McDonald’s stands, sporting arenas, swimming pools, villages and tents scattered between the stages, by far the most unbelievable and extravagant festival I’ve been to. I think I may just have to head back to Budapest for it again.
The two things that make Budapest unique and appealing to me, the thermal baths and the ruin bars. No day is better spent than a day at the baths. Jumping between freezing pools and boiling saunas and soaking in the mineral waters. Especially a day after a night at the ruin bars. The ruin bars, literally abandoned apartment buildings that have been transformed into funky bars, with strange decoration, furniture and things hanging from every direction. Something that has to be seen, my favourites, Szimpla and Instant.
My passion for this city comes close to my passion for Rome which is huge, it is always my first suggestion for someone visiting Europe and the first place I want to go back to.


2 thoughts on “Budapest.

    • Budapest is unbelievable, it was the first European city I visited that I felt was a little untouched by tourists. Maybe why I spent so long there!
      Thanks for reading!

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