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After a nightmare train from Budapest, we made it to Zagreb. Croatia was my first European city travelling independently over two years ago. One that I have held fond memories of, this Croatian trip varied my views a little. In the two years since my first visit, tourists have completely taken over, and it was slightly unbearable.
Zagreb, although it seems strange that such a beautiful country would have a capital such as this, I have been told, winter is the time to see it. Rather than through the stifling heat as we did.
Although not my favoured Croatian city, it is home to the very unique and fascinating Museum of Broken Relationships, which is always worth the re-visit, this trip however, made way to another unique experience.
It all started in a bar, as I’m sure most good stories do. The guy next to me, heard me speaking English to the bartender, mistook me for British, due to my messed up living in Italy accent. We swapped stories, he tells me he’s a musician, has an Australian wife and is travelling around Europe on tour. Now, we had been in Croatia for three days, but the entire place was covered in Robbie Williams posters. I jokingly add, are you a musician for Robbie Williams? Turns out, he is. I meet the entire band, minus Robbie of course. Before the night is out, they’ve added us to the guest list for the next nights show. Now as it goes, I struggle to believe them, things like this don’t happen. So we take a chance, we were booked on a bus the next day, we push it back another day, and head to the box office to pick up the tickets, which I still think probably wont be there because, things like this just don’t happen. An hour later, we’re standing in the rain in a sold out arena with 42 thousand people, singing along to Robbie Williams, in Zagreb, for free.
One of those things, I will never forget and totally happened by chance. Another unbelievable experience I have been lucky to experience.


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