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My first visit to Bosnia only took me to Sarajevo, this time Mostar was the place to see. Such a unique and intriguing city.
The feature of the old town, the Stari Most or the old bridge, where divers plunge 23 metres into the freezing waters below. Or better yet, where tourists pay 20 euro to be ‘trained’ by a local before conquering the height. It is not only the feature of the town, but also a symbol of the countries reconciliations after it was destroyed during the war, before being reconstructed.
We were lucky enough to score a tour with our hostel owners friend. It ended up just being my friend and I, which led for an interesting and amusing day. Our guide took us around the city, showing us the damage that still remains from the war, sharing his personal stories and his passion for his country.
We then went on to visit a cave with some of Europe’s most pure water and some beautiful waterfalls, before a stop in The City of stone a beautiful quant town just outside Mostar.
We remained in Mostar for a few more days, we just loved its feel, the ottoman influence, and the cheap Bakeries!
Walking down the street, where you can still see bullet riddled buildings, army equipment and sand bags guarding doors. It just shows what this small humble city has been through, and all too recently.


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