Montenegro was the next stop on our whirlwind European adventure, with a quick stop over for lunch in Dubrovnik.

As I’ve said before Croatia was my first independently visited European country, way back when I first set out to avoid a real job in 2011. Every time I think back to that trip I consider myself unbelievably lucky, and every time I think of this visit I cringe.  The beauty is undeniable, however the cartel of shirtless, hungover ‘Sail Croatia’ Australians are unavoidable. So after three hours and one significantly expensive meal, I was itching to get back on the bus and back to  The Bay of Kotor, another of my much beloved places.

Kotor is a stand alone in my eyes, Its beautiful pebble lined bay enclosed by mountains, makes this small town the perfect little hideaway. The fully walled old town has multiple hidden gems to wander between. And to top it off, a casual 1350 step walk up a very steep incline to visit the fantastic remains of the old fortress.

We used this humble little town for a bit of down time, tanning, swimming and eating amazing food around the bay. Until our final day when we ran into a previous travel companion, which always seems to be the case in Europe. It was then we set out to explore Kotors nightlife. My first visit I was living off pittance and at the end of my trip, so this was something new and exciting for me, unlike retracing those 1350 steps up to the fortress.

With a few local tips from our friendly taxi driver we easily found the places to be, an abundance of people huddled in the corner of the old town walls. It wasn’t until then we found out what those walls actually contained. Maximus a huge open plan nightclub, where it seemed the entire town came alive. It was here we spent our last night in Kotor, and ruined all that resting we had done in previous days.

Kotor, and Montenegro in general, I feel is still sliding slightly under the tourist radar, and it is certainly the place to be, and hopefully it never turns into what I see Croatia has.




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