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Eastern European nightlife at its finest, starting from the old town walls you are engulfed by the vibrancy of this place. You wouldn’t even imagine that the entire old town was rebuilt in the 80’s after an earthquake hit.
To begin, you are surrounded by huge open air bars and restaurants and then you move a little further and reach what is referred to as Luna park. When I hear Luna park I automatically think of what I know, a huge laughing clown face welcoming you into an amusement park, as seen in Melbourne and Sydney. Luna park in Budva Montenegro isn’t so dissimilar, think bar after bar lining an entire stretch, all competing for your business. When I say compete I mean, try to blast their music louder than the competition, every night it’s like walking into another world, you can’t hear anyone speak you just wander, tap and point when you want to enter somewhere.
If Budva didn’t already have enough to offer in the night out category it is also home to Top Hill, Eastern Europes largest open air club, I visited this club both times I went to Budva. The first time there was a random Croatian performing, and it was packed, unable to move packed. This visit was a bit more relaxed and to my liking. As the name suggests it is on top of a hill just out of the city, but you can see it’s laser lights all over town, just as though they are luring you in.
After experiencing the nightlife a bit too much. We spent a recovery day as Jaz beach, which is about a ten minute drive from Budva, we found the local beach, which you have to carefully trek around a small path to reach, a little crowded. Jaz beach, was the perfect white pebble, clean crisp watered beach we had been hoping for to top off our fabulous few days in Budva.
I seriously can’t praise Montenegro enough, it’s beautiful, fun, cheap, the people are friendly and the nightlife is on another level.


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