Iguazu Falls. 

 Close to three kilometres wide and almost 300 separate waterfalls, we had made it, with only the slight hiccup of all the ATM’s in the town being out of money and in turn us being left with no cash for entrance, this saw us put our visits in reverse, so with the clear blue skies it was over the border to Brazil.  Although my grandmother wasn’t impressed with my weekly photo of “just some waterfalls” It was beautiful, the sprawling falls, the clean park, everything but those terrifying little animals, the coati, an ant eater faced oversized possum like creature that attacked anything that resembles food and those foolish enough to try and eat around them. The Brazilian side of the falls is the more visually pleasing side and gives some amazing panoramic views, it also allows you to walk a platform under ‘The Devils Throat’ which is the most impressive of all the falls and devides Brazil and Argentina. 

 The next day, in not such beautiful weather, It was back over to Argentina to experience Iguazu for a second time, with two thirds of the falls belonging to this side it is a bit more adventurous, you are a lot closer to the action with paths through the forest, animals popping up from everywhere and sections where we were actually alone in silence without a single other tourist, something that would be impossible to achieve on the Brazillian side. 

Whist there we decided why not experience the falls directly, so we boarded the boat, tucked our clothes in, and held on for dear life. It was soon very apparent that no amount of tightening our drawstrings was going to help us, we were soaked through, every layer, and the sheer force of the falls so intense all we could do is cradle our heads and scream a little. I can’t say it was enjoyable, but it was definitely something for the experience list.   

   Iguazu falls is one amazing natural site, and after we had a money mishap everyone we spoke to said it would be better to see the Brazilian side before the Argentinian, and I would have to agree especially if you catch some suburb sunshine as we did. 


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