Ilha Grande. 


Amongst our time in Rio was a quick trip to Ilha Grande, the former home to a leper colony followed by Brazil’s most dangerous criminals in the Island prison, when this closed in 1994 tourism crept on in. A bus and a boat away this car free island is the perfect accompaniment to the amazing city of Rio de Janeiro. Arriving to the news the town was without power we wandered the candle lit streets and were entranced by this seaside place. IMG_5378We stayed in a perfectly located hostel with decks over the water. With only one full day here we did the biggest must do- hike across the jungle clad island to what is said to be one of the worlds most spectacular beaches Lopes Mendes. Tough in the heat, but worth every drop of sweat. Howler monkies in the trees, and amazing views over the bay, we fought out way through the jungle with plenty of time to enjoy the clean quiet beaches.IMG_5368 With plans to spend a morning exploring we were unexpectedly thrust onto the 10am ferry rather than our planned 1pm, so our time in Ilha Grade was suddenly cut short as we crossed the seas in our hungover stupor marvelling back at the amazing quiet island, wishing we had more time. 


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