Ouro Preto. 

Leaving Rio my plan was to begin my trip up North. This began by heading into the mountains to Ouro Preto, a town stuck in time, full of Museums and churches all in amazing Baroque architecture, the picture perfect image and a huge contrast to where I had just been. The town that literally translates to Black Gold was the old capital of Minas Gerais and played a huge role in Brazil’s gold rush and still relishes in its rich history there are numerous mines you can visit around the city, although I didn’t make it. Since its hey day it has since become a huge university town, unfortunately for me it was summer break so the city was dead and the hostels empty. I would have loved to spend numerous days wandering the streets and sitting in town squares but with no one to talk to and the town being fairly lifeless, it being cold and rainy, I got my museum and church fix, changed my plans and headed back to sunny Rio.  

 This town was unbelievable, it’s winding cobble stoned, steep streets and colonial style building were fascinating to see and just topped off by the surrounding mountain background. 



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