As I reached the end of my degree back in 2010, I made a life decision, not to get a ‘real’ job until I was 25. Being 21 at the time travelling was my main priority. I moved back to my parent’s house and set back to packing oats at a local factory.

 I chased summer moving from country to country, working for a few months in between to fund more travelling.  I could never of imagined, and still can’t really believe that two years later I would be living in Rome!

I Spent eight months living and working in the Eternal city. I was an au-pair, without a doubt the worlds worst job. But an easy way to see and live in a city for virtually free.

Once the cooler months ended it was back to living the European dream, and with Five months to do so, the adventure never stopped. I gave myself a few months in Asia to ease into reality after 18 months abroad and to prepare myself to be back in my home town, Population 6000,  a big change from living next door to the Pope. 

Then it happened. I turned 25. When my plan said I should be searching for that real job I assured my mother I would get. Instead, I  purchased myself a pretty little one way ticket to Roma. That trip lasted almost seven months before it was back home once again to face the ‘real job’ promise. 

I got a real job, for a solid 4 months. It wasn’t all it’s cracked up to be, so here I am, 26 has just rolled on by and I’m about to embark on my first South American adventure.  



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